Pengembangan Mesin Stirling Tipe Gamma Sebagai Tenaga Penggerak Kipas Angin

  • Rahmat Rahmat
Keywords: Gamma stirling engine, Design Engineering, VDI 2221


The stirling engine is a heat engine that takes heat from outside the cylinder it works. This study provides a literature review of the gamma stirling type engine with a variety of developments such as a fan.. The purpose of this study is to be able to develop a stirling engine whose output energy is at least 45 Watts with a rotating speed of 1000 rpm, so that this engine can be used as a driving force for a fan. The development of this machine uses the VDI 2221 design technique. The design process gets several alternative designs. The selected design uses a gamma stirling type with 3 fan blades. After testing, the maximum rotational speed is 3153 rpm, the average rotational speed is 1798 rpm, with theoretical efficiency of 63% with an output power of 140 Watts.