• R. Agustiono Panca Putra
  • Susanto Sudiro
Keywords: Handler, Symtek-300, Pokayoke.


In the semiconductor company, the Tester and Handler are used for IC testing process. Tester is a machine used for testing of IC in accordance with a particular program. Handler is a machine that serves to bring the ICs to be tested by the tester using the program, temperature and certain parameters specified by the Customer.

During the production process, there is a chance to have downtime caused by a defect / error on the machine being used. One of complaint (feedback from customer) being experienced by PT. X and affect to the overall testing quality is misbinning or mixing of the reject and good units. Customer return the two reject units for investigation and retesting of the whole lot that have been sent and lots that are in the process of production. One reason for the mixing unit, because of there is no protection system on the machine when the operator unloading the units (IC) by using a tube.

This research is about countermeasure of a mistake in IC production process to prevent the mixing of good and reject products by using pokayoke method through additional module to prevent misbinning. The module is designed mechanically and electrically. The handler or machine used in this research is Symtek-300, the machine that is designed to handle IC testing for plastic dual in-line package (PDIP). The result obtained from the usage of this method is customer’s complaint relating to the test escapee of a reject product can be avoided. It is in line with the OEE perspective, whereas previously the average value of OEE is 75.5% and after improvement the average value increased to 82.3%.