Analisis Waktu Pekerjaan Konstruksi Pada Perluasan Ruang Lingkup Implementasi Sistem Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Hingga Ke Lantai Produksi: Kasus Proyek Fabrikasi E-House di PT. X

  • Setiawan Hadiswoyo
  • Budhi M. Suyitno
  • Susanto Sudiro
Keywords: ERP, SAP, MES, Project Engineering, Fabrication


PT X decides to increase company productivity by expanding ERP implementation scope into production floor. It chooses SAP as a tool for the integration activity because it has been used by company to support sales and delivery activities. This research is done on the purpose of obtaining ERP SAP scope implementation expansion in order to be able to be implemented in the system of Manufacturing Company which can handle project engineering activities. The expansion of ERP scope is implemented in the case of Fabrication Project executor of E-House (Electrical House). The SAP modules applied are Material Management (MM), Production Planning (PP) and Project System (PS).

            In this research, project activities integration which have been done include ordering, planning, project execution, controlling and submitting project by integrating them into manufacturing activities used transformation new SAP lin into manufacturing system. This Engineering project handled by Manufacture Approach used MES started from project definition, BOM, production scheduling and dispatching and its execution. ERP and MES Integration potentially can be used to complete Engineering E-house Project based on its scope successfully.