Analisis Karakteristik Sifat-Sifat Mekanis Bantalan Luncur Motor Starter Dibuat dengan Metode Serbuk Tembaga – Alumunium

  • Syamsul Rizal
  • Amin Suhadi
Keywords: sintering temperature, compaction, powder metallurgy


In the offset rate of industrial growth in Indonesia, especially the need for supporting components Automotive industry and machinery industry, the existence and development of the Metallurgical Industry powders are still rarely used. Cu-Al powder metallurgy is widely used for machining and automotive industries. Especially if you want to use these materials as the manufacture of automotive components such as bearings, valves, cylinders, gears and critical components to another. Using the Cu-Al powder metallurgy can improve the characteristics and mechanical properties when compared with the process of formation of Cu-Al alloys other. Mixing and compacting the weighing process. Compaction process performed at a pressure of 250 MPa, 350 MPa and 450 MPa, then the sintering process at temperatures of 4000C, 5000C and 6000C with a hold time of 1 hour. After the sintering process is complete the sample is cooled with air and tested media which include: Testing density, hardness, roughness, compressive strength, composition and structure of the macro observation. From the research results obtained by an increase in physical and mechanical properties, especially hardness value. This is caused by a change in Cu-Al grains after compaction process is a process of downsizing the diameter of the grains. With the smaller the diameter of the grain it will increase its hardness.