Peningkatan Produktivitas Proses Produksi Laci BedsideCabinet Berdasarkan Aspek QCD

  • Soegeng Witjahjo
  • Chandrasa Soekardi
  • Susanto Sudiro
Keywords: productivity, people produktivity, delivery schedule achievement,value added per person, break event point.


Bedside cabinet is the kind of furniture such as wardrobes with a smaller size (500 x 400 x 900) mm. This furniture is widely used in hospitals as a means of rehabilitation medical equipment that is placed near the bed. Bedside Cabinet in the manufacturing process PT.X still using a simple manner, for example, the cutting process using hand shears, and the process buckling using bending machines but do buckling per side bend, so that it works less efficiently, especially in the process of cutting and bending. This research will be an increase in productivity of production processes Drawer Bedside Cabinet which is a component recommended in the analysis of problems with the QFD method. Solution to the problem created by the design and prototype production tool of the angle plate cutting process, and made ​​pembendingan process design aids in a drawer component. Production process is then performed using the tool, so that the obtained data production time (JOPU) and production costs (BOM). The data is analyzed by the method of QCD, the results were compared with the old process, in order to get comparison value Produktivity People (PP) = 3%, Delivery Schedule Achievement (DSA) = 20%, and Value Added Per Person (VAPP) = R3666, 6 per operator. Besides the calculation Break Event Point (BEP), and the results achieved in the product BEP to 305. So in conclusion, but his presentation achieved increased productivity is still relatively small.