Analisis Prestasi Ketel Uap dengan Sumber Panas Gas Buang Motor Bakar Torak yang Menggunakan Bahan Bakar Gas Alam

  • Bambang Hermani
  • Wibowo Paryatmo
Keywords: analisys, parameters, performance.


This study aims to review the handling of public electricity network black out disorder that is very damaging Lactam melting processing, the performance analysis of boiler flue gas to decrease the burden of periodic power piston combustion of natural gas generator sets in the utility indrustri, in which hot exhaust gas removed from cycle through the exhaust pipe is recovered as a heat souce exhaust gas bolier.  In this research several search methods approach the task with the analysis of technical specifications of data collection, data operator exhaust gas bolier, and re-search methods on the results of the calculation of the design parameters of thermal exhaust gas boiler so as to produce comparable data on the thermal design calculations of thermal design manufacturer's thermal design asa form of correction, to then do data processing - raw data record of performance t test parameters exhaust gas boiler, from this treatment obtained the highest performance values performance exhaust gas boiler.The result that the parameter values performance exhaust gas boiler at periodic load down; interpretation of exhaust gas heat transfer power to a secondary fluid, wide field of heat transfer, the overall heat transfer coefficient, steam pressure, steam temperature, steam capacity.