Analisis Kinerja Kondensor Sistem Pendingin Pusat Perbelanjaan

  • Hadi Wibowo
  • Prawoto .
Keywords: condenser, performance analysis, fouling factor.


Shell and tubes condenser in chiller capacity 600 Tons Refrigerations with refrigerant HFC 134-a (R134-a) is as heat exchanger with fungtioned to change refrigerant in superheated gas to be fluid. After several months of operation the condenser will decrease performance, because of decreasing in the rate of heat transfer. Condenser daily operational data that is used as an evaluation of analysis condenser performance in  which the water temperature inlet and outlet condenser, refrigerant temperature inlet and outlet condenser, with a mass flow of refrigerant.  Some parameters associated with the rate of heat transfer is the heat transfer coefficient, the Log Mean Temperature Difference, fouling factor and heat transfer surface area. Through calculation and analysis, obtained a decrease in heat transfer rate 0.81%, overall heat transfer coefficient 42.15 %, and note the increase in the Log Mean Temperature Difference 29.51 %, fouling factor 66.15 %, with heat transfer surface area 29.65 %.