Analisis Design Alat Evaporator Instalasi Pengkondisian Udara Ruangan Bangunan Perkantoran

  • Chandrasa Soekardi
  • Djoko Binangun
Keywords: shell & tube evaporator, heat transfer area, heat duty, tube diameter, pitch ratio, tube layout, excess area, number of tubes, shell diameter


In this paper a thermal design analysis for a shell & tube evaporator has been carried out with main objective is to estimate the minimum heat transfer area required for a given heat duty. Various design variables such as tube diameter, pitch ratio, tube layout, and excess area are considered. Simultaneous optimization of these variables was tried and 16 design configurations have been experimented. The effect of the design variables and its constraints on the number of tubes and shell diameters are discussed. The results showed that tube diameter produces a higher influence on the number of tubes than excess area, but the influence of pitch ratio and tube layout was relatively not significant. The best design conditions for the evaporator will be with tube diameter 5/8 inch, tube layout 30o, pitch ratio 1.25, excess area 35% and offered 123 tubes.